Monday, May 2, 2011

D-Town Boogie

Thursday through Sunday I had a get away/ business-to-take-care-of trip up to Dallas then a night in Austin to see all my buddies. I think I found my apartment which is a huge relief and I also got two job offers! So excited that all my dreams are falling into line. The picture of the clothes is just a snap shot of the goodies I got while in Dallas:-) And yes, those orange pants are the Zara trousers from my wish list! CHECK! And we all know I love anything big and fuzzy so when I saw that INC jacket on the clearance rack I could NOT pass it up. Then we have a few simple bdg v-necks and a badass ecote back pack.
Right when I got into Austin from the 3 hour drive down from Dallas me and 4 of my favorite girls in the world went down to 6th street and had Parkside happy hour. I had a Titos martini and AMAZING seviche.
All of the bakery pictures are from the famous Little Czech Bakery in West Texas and yes I got a red velvet cupcake and some kolaches. Leaving Austin was hard because I miss all of my babies and it was a stormy day up in our little tree house where watching movies and eating BBQ Veggie pizza was just too much to pass up. The last photos are on our way home. Texas storms rolling in are one my favorite things to watch. So Beautiful.
Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

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