Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who is The Jessi Project?

I kind of dove right into this blog without giving a little peep hole into my non-blogging life. Starting with the basics, I LOVE self expression and my passion for that blooms in the belly of the fast paced, ever changing, fashion world. It's kind of funny how I ended up here because as a child I grew up in Santa Barbara, California where I would roll out of bed with yesterdays pony tail throw on a baggy surf brand shirt and board shorts and head for school. I then moved to Austin, Texas where it wasn't quite as laid back and my lazy days style wasnt exactly appreciated even at the age of 11. I shrugged it off because it was me. As I grew I went through a lot of transformations and the road to finding myself was covered with sticks stones and boulders. I wouldn't say I have quite found myself however I don't think you're ever really going to be fully enlightened. After all once you stop learning you're as good as dead.

I'm a 21 going on 20 year old girl, named Jessi, living in the microscopic port of Aransas deep in the heart of Texico.Technically Texas but an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Here you can find tons of different species in their natural habitat with the most populous of them being seniorsauras-rex. With it being a resort community they're naturally attracted to the area. This July I'm breaking free and moving back to the city. I take my first step on the road to my design career in at El Centro in Dallas, TX. This blog is one of my creative outlets. I'll update on my designs and vent on my trials and tribulations of everyday life. I look forward to giving myself to the universe and using all it has to offer. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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