Thursday, June 30, 2011


New project I started! Loving knits right now but the 104 Texas heat doesn't allow for much wear, so I decided to make these little knit and chain bracelets! Here's a how to from me to you.

Row 1- k (knit stitch) 28.
Repeat about 8-10 times, or how ever thick you want your bracelet to be. More you could create a cuff and throw on lots of chains and maybe some studs! Be as creative as you want.

Once you've finished the base the rest is simple. Tie beads onto the ends of the left over strings. Attach chain to both side and on one side a lobster clasp at the end. Flip over and simply attach chain across the top of the bracelet and VOILA!

      Enjoy and feel free to share your versions of it.
        I'd love to see :-)

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